Startled awake from what felt

Like a deep, endless slumber,

I felt you caressing my feet.

Your delicate hands as soft and cool

As the finest satin.

Like I remembered them to be.

Lady’s hands that never toiled.

How can this be?

I buried you myself

In hidden sacred ground

So many flames have been extinguished and

Deprived of crucial life-giving oxygen

While denying Mother Earth of vital

Human heat, warmth and love.

Mankind’s raging rivers of ignorance,

Intolerance and arrogance

Drown everything with its demanding, unquenchable,

Impatient thirst.

But soon there will be a roaring howl of anger


Oh, Lola

Three husbands.

Three sons.

Three grandsons.

Born in 1943, Lola was always

the dutiful homemaker and wife.

She never became the free love spirit

she so yearned and wanted to be.

Now time is running out on her,

like the pages in the notebooks

she spent her lifetime…

It was just a couple of hundred fence posts

That separated Henry from Emma growing up

In Grimes County, Texas in 1915.

Coming from good old German stock,

They were staunch Lutherans and followers of The Truth.

Ten months older and a hundred pounds heavier than her,

Emma never ever…

The last light of life had started to flicker

Deep in your dark blue black eyes

That held so many secrets, mysteries, and love.

Desperate to slow down the inevitable,

I curled up next to you in that hard white bed.

Listening to the beeping all around us

Feeling every…

I dove.

I dove again.

And again.

And again.

I could not leave you where they left you.

Your soul struggling for salvation

Deep in those dark, unholy, black waters

So close to hell. So close to hell.

Your body bloating and disintegrating

Into the louring seabed below.

I dove…

You reached up and gently,

But firmly grasped my arm

As you guided me down from the steed.

The way you had done many times before

Keeping me safe, cared for

And protected.

A young lady and her family’s groom

From very different worlds and expectations.

For the first time…

The desperate howl

Of my lover’s keening

Vibrated in the water around me.

As my husband held me down in the sea

Growling under his breath,

“You are mine.”

“You are mine.”

“You are mine.”

Precious clear air quickly being

Replaced by murky water in my lungs

As I struggle…

Julie Longstreet Wehmeyer

My story is filled with broken pieces, terrible choices, and ugly truths. It is also filled with comebacks, peace in my soul, and a grace that has saved me.

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