Cord Cutting — Removing Negative Energy from Your Life.

Julie Longstreet Wehmeyer
6 min readNov 23, 2021


The cord cutting ritual is an ancient ritual that symbolically eliminates negative energies and relationships from your life. Yes, it is a spell. And yes, it is considered “witchcraft.” And despite what our patriarchal society wants you to believe, spells are not bad. They are simply rituals to help you focus to get clarity. If you go to church, temple, or other places of worship, you already do rituals and spells.

In fact, most religions use rituals and spells, although they never call them that. Communion and baptism are a notable example of how rituals, spell work, and casting is used in Christianity. (Although, please never tell a fervent Christian they are performing witchcraft when they get baptized or take communion!).

Cord cutting is one of the most basic spells and simply allows you to symbolically let go of a relationship or a situation with intent. Everything about spell work (and prayer, which is really nothing more than spell work) is intent. You must focus on what you want, and your intent needs to be for the better good. You must remember, however, even if you want something with all your heart and soul, the Universe/God/Source might have something else for you in mind.

“Do no harm” is a huge doctrine in witchcraft. You should never do a cord cutting for someone else, especially if you are attempting to interfere with their free will. For example, if you do a cord cutting on your ex and his new girlfriend thinking it will break them up and bring your ex back to you, you are in for a huge awakening because that is not the way the Universe works. If on the other hand, in that same scenario you wish to do a cord cutting between you and your ex to help you move on, let go, and find someone new; that is very acceptable, and you will receive positive results.

Some practitioners can do cord cuttings for you, but most people can do their own. That is your choice. But you can do it yourself with the instructions below.

Basic Supplies:

· Two candles (I use tea lights, but tapers work well also)

· About a foot of cord/twine (you can buy this at any craft store)

· A fireproof dish

· Water

· Small glass food jar with a lid (an old food jar or even a baby food jar is fine)

I usually prepare by taking a salt bath or doing a salt scrub in the shower, wash my hair and remove all make up and fragrance. All the while I am cleansing, I focus on my intent and the cord I want to sever. I focus strongly that I am severing this connection with love, honor, and respect, and that I am releasing the person and/or situation from any bad feelings or karma.

Intent is vital!

Steps to Doing a Cord Cutting:

1. Gather up your supplies and prepare yourself mentally. Make sure you are in a place where you will not be disturbed during the ritual.

2. Dress your candles, which means you tie the candles together with the cord/twine. I do this by tying the cord/twine in a loop and draping is around the wicks, letting it lay on the candle if I am using a tea light. If I am using a taper, I tie the cord/twine a little tighter around the middle of the candle.

3. Place the candles in a flame proof dish, pulling them slightly taut so that the cord is not falling, and put a little water in the dish. If I use tea lights, I can do this with a simple saucer. If I use a taper, I will usually find a flat bottomed dish, like a small casserole dish. Again, you don’t have to be fancy. It is all about intent. I put enough water in the plate or dish to ensure the plate stays cool and to allow the water to absorb any negative energy.

4. Now, again, set your intention by mediating for a bit on what you wish to do by focusing on severing the cords between you and who/whatever. Sometimes it helps to write these intentions down on paper which you will dispose of after the ritual.

5. Light the candles and watch the flames and cord burning. While you watch the candle burning, imagine and focus on the cords being severed and the energy being released into the Universe with love. I have listed basic flame meanings below so you can gauge how the ritual is progressing.

6. Once the candles are burned down and the cord/twine is dissolved into ashes, you will need to dispose of the remnants including the water. To dispose of the water, the remnants of the candles, and the paper where you have written your intentions, gather them and place them in an airtight jar (an old food jar that you have saved and cleaned out is fine) and find a safe place to store it or bury it where it will not be disturbed. As you are putting the items in the jar, focus your intent that spell is now “sealed” and cannot be broken. If, in the future, you discover that the jar has come unsealed or broken, simply redo the spell.

Basic Flame Meanings

1. Tall, Strong flame: A tall, strong flame indicates the spell is working and is strong enough to push through any obstacles that might be there.

2. Low flame: A low flame can indicate that more work needs to be done for there to be satisfactory results. You might need to repeat the spell in a week or two.

3. Short, Weak flame: A short and weak flame can indicate that your intentions are not clear or are not in your best interest; or for the greater good. If this happens, I suggest meditating on what you are trying to accomplish and try the spell again once you get clarity on what you are trying to accomplish. Keep in mind, the Universe/God/Source will not give you something just because you want it. Think of the old Garth Brooks song, “Unanswered Prayers.” There’s truth there.

4. Steady flame: A steady flame is a positive indication that the spell is working in your favor.

5. Blue/Colored flame: A blue or colored flame other than orange and yellow can indicate the presence of a spirit, angel, or highly evolved entity. One clue that this is happening is if you start to feel tingles on your scalp. You might even feel you are getting messages, especially on the left side of your body.

6. Dancing flame: A dancing flame indicates that the spell will work, but there are still problems, most likely intent. You might need to repeat in a week or two.

7. Dual flame: A dual flame can indicate that another force, energy, spirit, or deity has joined the work and is a good sign that your work is working in your favor.

8. Flame self-extinguishes: This means that the work is done, a self-extinguishing flame is a great indication that your work went well, and your prayer was received by the Spirit world.

9. Quick burning, uneven: A quick burning that is uneven can indicate that you were not properly grounded before starting. Try again at a different time, if the results are the same, you need to recast another time. You also need to meditate on your intent.

10. Quick burning, even: A quick and even burning is a great indication that your spell worked, however a super quick and out of control burning indicates that you may need to reevaluate your work.

Remember that your initial indications and insights always trump a basic meaning or explanation. Trust your intuition and inner guidance.



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