Startled awake from what felt

Like a deep, endless slumber,

I felt you caressing my feet.

Your delicate hands as soft and cool

As the finest satin.

Like I remembered them to be.

Lady’s hands that never toiled.

How can this be?

I buried you myself

In hidden sacred ground

More than 30 years ago.

Yet, now, here you are.

Where have you been?

Why are you here?

Where am I?

I asked those questions

But my lips never moved or quivered.

You knew and answered me with your heart

And smiled with such love and kindness.

My heart clenched and surged in my chest as

I doubled over in relief

And so much love.

“Darling, it’s time. It’s time to fly home.”

My arms, shoulders and back were tingling

As my skin had started to rip and tear

In tiny straight lines.

In a zig zag jagged pattern.

Tiny white tendrils were emerging through.


There was no pain

Just a tremendous sense of relief

And coming home.

And a surge of strength

Enveloped in warm feelings

Of being blanketed in love.

My weak and old bones felt so strong …

Stronger than they had in decades.

I’m growing wings.

Feathers turning golden at the tips.

My mortal life was through.

My tired flesh and bones

Were no longer needed.

Life was over.

Devoid of me.

Yet my spirit was bursting

Full of love and freedom

And you.

I am empty and full

At the same time.

I just want to fly.

I want to fly home.

I want to fly home with you.

Our wings wrapped around each other.

My hot gold against your cool silver.

Diving and soaring

Through the stars and the Universe.

As we have done through eternity.

We are finally together.

My story is filled with broken pieces, terrible choices, and ugly truths. It is also filled with comebacks, peace in my soul, and a grace that has saved me.