Help I Think my Twin Flame is a Celebrity

Julie Longstreet Wehmeyer
3 min readFeb 13, 2022


I have seen this subject come up many times. Can a celebrity be your soulmate or twin flame?

Short answer, yup. Long answer, unlikely. First of all, you have to define whether this is real, or whether you are suffering from a psychological disorder called erotomania. Erotomania is rare, but it can lead to illegal behaviors such as stalking and harassment. Here is the definition of erotomania: Erotomania, also known as de Clérambault’s Syndrome, named after French psychiatrist Gaëtan Gatian de Clérambault, is listed in the DSM-5 as a subtype of a delusional disorder. It is a relatively uncommon paranoid condition that is characterized by an individual’s delusions of another person being infatuated with them. This disorder is most often seen in female patients who are shy, dependent and sexually inexperienced. The object of the delusion is typically a male who is unattainable due to high social or financial status, marriage or disinterest. The object of obsession may also be imaginary, deceased or someone the patient has never met. Delusions of reference are common, as the erotomanic individual often perceives that they are being sent messages from the secret admirer through innocuous events such as seeing license plates from specific states, but has no proof.

I don’t entirely agree with that definition because personally I feel a lot of “psychological disorders” are based on the medical community refusing to even consider spiritual issues, and there is just too much anecdotal evidence to dispute so many medical claims

That said, you must keep in mind, Celebrities are people too. They certainly can have soulmates and twin flames, just like you. They agree to soul contracts also; the big difference is that celebrities are living out soul contracts where they have agreed to live lives where they influence the masses and they certainly influence members of their soul emotional ways. Celebrities tend to come from large soul families and thus if you feel strongly for a celebrity, you do have a soul family connection, but that does not mean they are your one and only, but maybe…. That is part of their soul contract and your soul contract for you to have these feelings.

As per a twin flame, the numbers do not add up. However, it is not impossible. I do know of one couple who are twin flames where the Divine Male is a minor celebrity, and the Divine Female is not. But their synastry chart confirms it as do aura readings as do chakra readings. They are both in the same business and have a number of friends and acquaintances in common. And they have huge significant synchronicities all over the place.

So yes, it is possible. But, for example you are convinced Ryan Reynolds is your Twin Flame, nope. HE’s got Blake. If you live way out in the boonies in Anchorage, Alaska and think Hugh Jackman is your man, nope. If you are Flames, the Universe will throw you together and the synchronicities will be crazy. If you are a 23-year-old legal secretary living in Bangor, Maine, Brad Pitt is probably not your twin flame.

Do not become the crazy, obsessed stalker person, but keep an open enough mind to realize it could happen. If they are your twin flame, and you are destined to be together in this lifetime; the Universe will make it happen. In the meantime, live you life as if the celebrity is just someone you like and respect, but without expectations.

Adam Sandler found his wife in the front row of one of his shows, looked at her and KNEW. Matt Damon’s wife was a bartender at a hotel where he was staying. SO it does happen.

So, the answer is both Yes and No.



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