The Science of Twin Flames

Julie Longstreet Wehmeyer
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Science Behind Twin Flames

I am covering two issues in this article. Firstly, a general primer on what a twin flame is and is not. And then the scientific theory to support the phenomenon.

I have always felt that science and spirituality are very intricately linked to each other. In time I think science will eventually be able to explain many spiritual principles and vice versa. So yes, folks, there is science behind the twin flame phenomenon. There are even couple’s therapists who are getting on board with this.

So, what are twin flames?

When asked most people define a twin flame a “a soul split into two separate bodies, “but there are multiple type of twin flames and soul connections. Although the twin flame connection is the strongest and most intense. You are two halves of one. Twin flames on the surface seem remarkably similar to soulmates, but they are very different.

The types of twin flames known so far are:

  1. Monadic Twin Flames
  2. Split Soul Twin Flames
  3. Starseed Twins
  4. False Flames, I prefer calling them Doppelganger flames (looks like, acts like, seems like a Twin Flame, but is not)

The 3 Types of Twin Flame Connections

1. Monadic Twin Flames

Twin Flames who originated at soul birth, share the same “monad” of energy at the birth of their existence. During this process, the energy separated into two individual souls, like an embryo splitting. This is not a single soul splitting, it is two souls coming from the same energy so to speak. More like fraternal twins, very similar, yet very different. The two souls each have their own spiritual journey and soul path because they are separarte. Outside of spending time together in the spiritual realm, their journeys intersect when they incarnate in the same lifetime together. In these incarnations together, it is often a positive experience where they are supporting one another along their respective paths.

These Twin Flames share a strong bond, with the same “golden cord” always connecting them since they’ve known one another since their soul’s creation. Each soul has its own Higher Self and set of Spirit Guides, though some overlap may occur if they’ve shared many previous incarnations together. But there is an overall separateness to them.

2. Split Soul Twin Flames

This is the “traditional” type of Twin Flame, where at the soul’s birth there was one singular energy that split into two parts of the same soul. This would be similar to identical twins.

This is where the feeling of incomplete or “emptiness” and “deep loneliness”” stems from — there may be a yearning to find your literal other half. And once you become aware that you have a twin flame the separation can be unbearable. Because they are the same soul, Split Soul Twin Flames share the same Higher Self and Spirit Guides. They also share the same aura and chakra systems. Plus, multitudes of synchronicities. They also tend to look a like, act alike, share life parallels. These types are always romantic because they reflect male/female energy and the ultimate goal is to become one again.

3. Starseed Twins

This type is not technically a true Twin Flame, but it shares many of the same principles and abilities as the other Twin Flame dynamics. Many people who think they are in twin flame relationships are actually starseed twins with exra-terrestrial historties who are here to help humanity.

In this scenario, the Twins have had incarnations together in other lifeforms than human. These lifeforms operate at a higher level where “group think” or “hive mind” is common. This shared telepathy and the previous incarnation from another lifeform creates a strong connection that mimics Twin Flames. While Twin Flames deal with two souls or half-souls, Starseeds often have multiple souls incarnated on Earth, so it’s more than just two individuals. When Starseeds meet, it’s filled with the same intensity and bond that traditional Twin Flames experience.

Additionally, many times they incarnate here with higher missions to assist humanity. Traditional Twin Flames also come here with a mission to support the greater good through their awakening, which unlocks the potential to spread unconditional love in the world — something that unfortunately few people have experienced outside of the parent/child bond.

5. Doppelganger/False Flame

I don’t like to call these “false flames” because that implies they less than or fake or not necessary. Often these are very high-level karmic soulmates with important issues to resolve and experiences to learn. For instance, both my twin and I experienced extraordinarily strong doppelganger flames. In his case, he found himself in a relationship with a woman who on paper was uncannily like me. Both writers, both military brats, had family members with same name, we even shared a rare injury in the same location and type. As for me, my ex-husband had a lot of similarities to my twin flame. They share the same first name and nickname, were both musicians, studied to become teachers, and their parents even had identical first names. You must remember though with these, that if they are a false flame to you, you are also a false flame to them. You are both teaching each other lessons.

How to find out your Twin Flame Type

Consider a Past Life Regression session with a certified practitioner. One who is experienced in answering these types of questions. Alternatively, ask your Higher Self if it is also the Higher Self of your counterpart. Spirit will guide you if you ask! Also, a good psychic that can read auras and chakras can tell you if you auras are the same, and you will share a chakra system. Also, a good synastry chart (astrological) can be extremely helpful.

The Goal

All types of Twin Flame relationships share the same purpose or mission, which is to bring unconditional love to the world.

Technically, the goal of the Twin Flame journey is to activate your mission of raising the world’s vibrations by bringing unconditional love into the world. It’s not necessary to be in union to do this.

The steps of a Twin Flame relationship start with that first meeting, there’s at least one separation period involved, the runner and chaser phase (usually you are dealing with other karmic relationships during this time), reuniting into physical union, and surrendering.

The goal of Twin Flames is not necessarily to have a “happily ever after” fairy tale life. In fact, it can often be the opposite, because it is only through the intense leaps and bounds of the Twin Flame journey that we are able to go deeper within ourselves — something that is required to fully encompass true unconditional love. It is like being in 24/7 therapy and can be exhausting. Your twin will push you to limits you didn’t know you had; they will also fix and heal you in amazing ways.

We know unconditional love at a depth that others may not be innately able to feel. The Twin Flame journey is challenging. It is painful. It pushes you beyond your comfort zone, to trigger a rebirth of sorts. This rebirth will lead to a greater understanding of the world, the activation of your soul’s purpose, and surrendering within your Twin Flame union.

As for scientific proof, you are not going crazy. Scientifically, twin flame theory resonates with the theory of quantum entanglement which can be described as a physical phenomenon that occurs when a group of particles (soul) is generated, interact, or share proximity in such a way that each particle cannot be described independently of the other.

Twin souls, often referred to as “twin flames”, are two halves of the same soul. Once separated they become separate souls, but they start out as one. And they always crave to be “one” again. They are created as opposite, i.e., Divine Male and Divine Female. No matter when and where they incarnate, they remain psychically connected and exhibit many similarities such as similar appearance, attitudes, preferences, beliefs and even share life parallels. Some call these synchronicities. This is remarkably similar to biological twins except this happens energetically as opposed to physically. According to Wikipedia, “Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the others, even when the particles are separated by a large distance — instead, a quantum state must be described for the system as a whole.”

So, consider the idea that twin souls are like two parcels created at the same time (making them twin particles). Twin souls are created from the same soul matter (or particles if you will). As according to the definition, these twin particles are not independent of each other though they may be separated by time or distance (this is the Quantum entanglement part). Although twin souls incarnate separately from each other, with differences in time and distance, they mirror each other, which explains the many life parallels and similarities that I outlined earlier. The term “mirroring” is key in this concept. So, consider this, that twin soul pairs are always male and female counterparts. This aspect of the particles spinning in opposition to each other could explain the rarity of twin souls meeting on Earth. Further research would need to be done to see if this idea is an explanation.

These concepts from Quantum entanglement can also be applied to soul mates and soul family. However, it is not the same experience, as members from a soul group are merely of the same cloth and not of the same soul. Soul groups are more loosely connected. So, there is less of a coherence compared to what we see happening in the case of twin souls.

I hope this explains things a little more clearly for you.



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