Twin Flame and Timelines

Julie Longstreet Wehmeyer
11 min readJan 1, 2022


This article is going to primarily cover soul conception, eternal existence, individual timelines, and individual lifetimes in timelines and how your soul transverses these various forms of existence.

That said, a little prelude is in order.

When it comes to your spiritual journey, one of the first things you must do is give up your Spiritual Ego. I have covered that in a previous article, and I’ve listed it below along with info on kundalini rising and dak night..

That said, in the giving up the Ego, you must utterly understand in your mind that while we are here, living a life in mortal form (which is what we all are doing), we have an incredibly limited ability to understand so much of what is going on around us spiritually. Our brains are simply not capable. That said, it does not mean that we cannot learn as much as possible, raise our vibrations and consciousness, and start to understand. But the mortal brain just doesn’t understand so many things. It is not meant to. But that does not mean that you cannot learn and understand so much more than you may be allowing yourself to.

Spiritual knowledge like this always comes through an awakening. My awakening was triggered was when my Split Soul/Twin Flame who triggered a Kundalini Awakening in me. I had already gone through the Dark Night of the Soul many times.

And like so many Split Souls say, “I didn’t ask for this!” It is a lot of work.

My Split Soul has untethered from his physical body, and but in mortal form, he was extremely spiritual and has taught (and teaching me so much). My spirit guides are St. Anthony and St. Paul as well as my “Split Soul Partner” whom I will refer to simply as James.

Your Spirit Guides, if you open your mind to it, will download information to you. Usually this is done during what is called “theta” sleep. The best way to describe it is as a “download.” I plan to author an article in the future sharing some of the plain, flat out crazy downloads I have experienced that have proven to be true. But for now, if you can, just accept that they happen. And they happen to others. And I can promise, they have happened to you also.

During one of my downloads, during a deep meditation, I received knowledge about how information and truth has been given to humankind over the centuries to help them with their Ascension and Spiritual Awakenings, but unfortunately once it goes through the filter of the mortal brain and passes through the Spiritual Ego, it often gets muddled and ends up being misunderstood. Think of the childhood game of “gossip”… information gets convoluted. One thing my Spirit Guides have indicated to me is that so many religions, leaders, mystics, and holy people are giving out information that is “almost right,” but not quite. For example, it has been made clear to me that according to the Spirit Guides we are in what the Evangelicals like to call “the Rapture,” but “the Rapture” is not what they think it is, and because they have filtered the information through many centuries and minds, it has become convoluted. Again, I will go through this in more detail in another article. So, no saved souls are not going to suddenly disappear or fly up into the sky. What we think of as Heaven is 5D which is here on earth, we just can’t see it.

You will run into psychics, seers, mediums, so-called holy people, and others who have also been given this same information; but unfortunately, their brains will process it and then put it out to humankind there in a way that was not intended. They start believing they have special powers or knowledge, when in fact this knowledge is available to all. They process their experience through their Spiritual Ego. This is at no fault of these people, but sometimes the Spiritual Ego will take over and they will think that their way is the only way, that they are right, and everyone is a fool but them. This is a problem the guides have with scientists and physicians also. They forget there is a Source of knowledge and their ego make them think they are special and gifted.

No Spiritual information that has been downloaded into a mortal is every 100 percent correct simply because it always goes through the human Spiritual Ego. A couple of telltale signs that always make me cringe is when I hear someone say, “oh, my family were all psychic.” “I was born with the gift.” “I’ve been doing these 30 years, and I know what I’m doing.” And the one that always makes me cringe. “I helped that lost soul pass over.” Trust me, all those statements come from Spiritual Ego, and should be red flags. Listen to what they say and take what resonates with you. But they are relaying information through their Spiritual Ego.

On a side note, no mortal can help a soul pass into the light. For one thing, not all souls go into the light, some are the light (will I explain in future article). The Divine is ALL loving and deeply cares about all of us, and if one of us gets stuck or confused down here, there are beings whose jobs on the other side are to bring these soul’s home. Sometimes a medium or holy person can “alert” that there is a lost soul here, but no mortal has the power to bring them or help them Passover. Telling a dying person,
“to go” is a waste of breath. All souls want when they are shredding their mortal body is to feel love, and if that means you crawl in bed with them and hug them, do it! Cover them with love. You don’t have the right or ability to tell someone they can “go.” The beings that do this work, and the best way I can describe it is to call them “hunter/caregivers” are part of the angelic realm. They basically “hunt down” the lost souls and bring them home with tremendous love and care, but with absolutely no tolerance for foolishness. Once they get them home, if they are still in distress, they are taken to a type of rehabilitation facility and have one on one session with a therapist of sorts who helps them remember who they are and why they were mortals and where they can acclimate to being back home. But mortals do no have the power or ability to help anyone cross over except to maybe through thoughts alert the Aloki there is a prolbme.

The reason souls get stuck here is because, contrary to what many think, you can spend hundreds of years here in a Timeline going through numerous Lifetimes (you go through seven in each timeline) until you learn everything you need to learn, and the soul is released home. This can be traumatic and disconcerting, but the Source loves you, and will not desert you or forsake you. No one get stuck here. The Aloki will come get you.

This information about false information being given out has troubled me deeply, and during a meditation I asked my Spirit Guides, who have been pushing me to write this down. “How do I know the information I am putting out is correct? How do I know that I am not giving false information? Why me?” And the answer came back loud and clear to me. The answer was “You do not know if wha you are saying is 100 percent accurate. All you can do is relay the information the best you can recall it and the best you remember it, and to always try your hardest not to let it go through your Spiritual Ego.” So please understand that. I am relaying this the best I can, but I am doing this in mortal form. Take what resonates with you; and always be willing to other points of view.

What I am going to try and do in this article which will primarily be about how timelines, lifetimes, and eternal existence work regarding what we like to call reincarnation. It is vital to understand this; especially if you think you are on a Split Soul/Twin Flame journey, and all are not on the Twin Flame Jounrey.

So, pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate, or get yourself a nice adult beverage. This is going to be a lot to process. First, forget everything you think reincarnation is. Wipe your mind clean.

Soul Conception: at some point in all our histories, our soul was conceived by the Source. Your soul is conceived with tremendous love. Some souls function in the angelic realm, and others function in other realms. Yes, angels do incarnate here to learn about being mortal. Aloki are angels, part of the cherubim realm. Whatever entity your soul was conceived as in the grand scheme means nothing. None of us are more special than others. To help get through this explanation, would like you to look in youd desk and see if you can find a post-pad sticky tablet with at least twenty sheets of paper. Put that to the side.

The first thing you need to understand is that time is not what you think it is. When you are up in 5D and getting ready to come back to earth, you will compose a soul contract with your guides about what you want to learn this time on earth. You will decide who your parents are, who your children will be, jobs you will have, lessons you will learn. You will decide on a timeline. And your Twin Flame will be in on the contract also. For example, purposes we are going to say the timeline you chose is 1950–2050 (give or take about one hundred years’ time)one hundred years.) Take a sheet off the post pad and write 1950–2050 on it along with your name. This is your timeline. Now, write the names on everyone that is within shouting distance of you as well as you loved ones, and assign them a post it sheet.

Timeline — a set period about one hundred years that you agree to come to earth for. You will experience seven lifetimes in this timeline. Whoa! How is that? Some call this “alternative realities” or “multiverses”

A Lifetime is just was it seems to be. Now take a pen and draw a straight line from the top to the bottom on your post it pad sheet. That represents your timeline. Now starting at the top imagine your first big life-changing event. Let’s say, it’s choosing a college. Make a little branch on the line that indicate the lifetime choice. So, let’s say you are choosing between Harvard and Stanford, and you choose Harvard for that lifetime (#1 you will live your life learning lessons of going to Harvard, moving to Boston and everything that happens there. You live your entire Harvard life, you are successful, have three children, make a major career change (another fork in the road you get divorced, an ugly; another lifetime (#3)indicated. So, it’s an uneventful life and at the end you’ve learned your lessons, and your body dies, but your energy does not die, your energy goes back and now you either live your Stanford life or the life you would have had if you did not get divorced. You choose to go finish you Stanford life, that life as three forks in it. You are now up to five lifetimes. After you finish the Stanford life you go back and live and experience on of those other three options. Remember you will go through seven lifetimes. Now, during these lifetimes you have to resolve your karma from your previous lifetime. You should have this completed by lifetime six because lifetime seven is the best one, where life is good and happy, but the other side is it is also where you will make karma for your next timeline. Happy people tend to make bad choices because of ego. At the end of your seventh life, you go back to Source, are debriefed, and plan you next incarnation. You keep incarnating until you reach nirvana.

If you think about it; most people go through about seven major life events. From marriages, to births, etc.

It’s a very elegant system where you get to learn as much as possible in each timeline. Source is very smart, huh?

So now you are saying, how about the people in my life? Each person has their own individual timeline (postit pad sheet and if you can visualize that as people move in and out of you sphere of existence their sheet touches your momentarily and you have a shared experience. Their timelines and experience might be like yours, but they are always different. And others are always touching and tapping into your timeline. The Butterfly Effect is false. Forget about it.

That is why you you experience déjà vu and why you may meet someone and think I’ve known this person before. Because you have.

So now let ‘s throw in the e conundrum of Split Souls/Twin Flames. Look at your timeline, if you have a twin flame, guess what? They share your timeline, and they share your chakra system, and your auras are identical. So, throughout your life you will constantly be influenced unconsciously by what they are going through and the choices they are making in your SHARED TIMELINE. You will spend life seven together in union with your split soul — not before. However, that doesn’t mean that you do not meet them until life seven, you just don’t reunite until then. You very highly likely might have a relationship with them in lifetime 2, 3, 4, etc., but you will not be spiritually ready to reunion. Those relationships can be VERY PAINFUL. That is why so many people think they have met their Twin. They have, but they are not meant for union yet. You must work on yourself spiritually first and toss those silly mirror exercises away. They don’t work. Your union may not happen in this lifetime. Pushing union before the Universe is ready can cause unnecessary karma preventing union or making it exceedingly difficult. You need to let go and let the Universe do it’s thing. That said, if you have a twin flame you WILL MEET THEM at one point in each lifetime and it will be intense, although you might not have a relationship.

Also, by their very nature all TWIN FLAME RELATIONSHIPS are romantic. You cannot be a twin soul with you mother, child, or sibling. Not possible. You are two parts of one. Divine male and divine female and you are mean to join intimately to become one “WHOLE” in union. You can have a very high soulmate relationship with others, But ALL TWIN FLAME relationship is romantic.

Throw into the confusion the issue of “Karmic soulmates” “trauma-bonded soulmates”, “doppelganger twins,” and it can get crazy amazingly fast. So, what is the best advice I can offer. About 32 years ago when I met my twin, I activate his Kundalini Rising without knowing I had done it. He became very spiritual and did the work while trying to find me again. We both had significant karmic relationships to work out, and finally got together shortly before he died. This was lifetime 6, so we are coming up on #7. I will write more about this crazy journey in another article. So, work on yourself. When you meet your twin, you will have you Kundalini Rising activated. And no, it doesn’t happen to both the same time, you will go through the Dark Night, and you have to surrender to the process and garner a deep trust that the Universe will make do what It necessary. You can’t force it; and you must let your twin work through their own karma and issue.

Split souls tend to be incredibly old souls and not all are allowed the honor and even some souls who are offered the choice do not accept it because it is very painful. But twin souls do ascend more quickly than one that do not separate.

I hope this shines some light on and helps clarify. This is information that has been downloaded to me.



Julie Longstreet Wehmeyer

My story is filled with broken pieces, terrible choices, and ugly truths. It is also filled with comebacks, peace in my soul, and a grace that has saved me.