What is Kundalini Awakening in Relation to Split Souls (aka as Twin Flames)?

Julie Longstreet Wehmeyer
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This article is being written from the perspective of how Kundalini Awakening affects Split Souls (aka as Twin Flames). I am blessed with two spirit guides who have presented themselves to me as St. Paul and St. Anthony, and they have made it abundantly clear that the “powers that be” do NOT like the term Twin Flames.

They feel it is a poor depiction of this sacred union and has become a marketing and cult tool. I find it intriguing that they have presented to me as Catholic saints since I am not Catholic. But the Guides are gonna do what the Guides are gonna do! (that will be discussed in another article). As for the term “Twin Flames”, it is your choice whether to use this term or not. The Guides prefer Split Souls.

Twin Flames is a relatively new term, and although I understand the concept of “twins,” the guides have asked me not to perpetuate this terminology. Thus, I will be referring to “Twin Flames” as “Split Souls” going forward in this article.

The concept of Split Souls (each soul becomes whole when split) is ancient. When a soul splits, two souls are created — just like when an embryo splits in the womb — two beings are created. One becomes the Divine Masculine, and one becomes the Divine Feminine. This article is not about what a Split Soul is or how it happens, but how Kundalini Awakening is a part of the process of uniting with your Split Soul which is the ultimate goal for Split Souls in each individual Timeline that they experience. But for now, even though you are very connected to your Split Soul (if you actually have one), try to think of the two of you as separate entities.

I have also listed some symptoms you might experience during your Kundalini Awakening. I strongly suggest that if you experience any alarming symptoms that you have a full medical work up. Kundalini symptoms can mimic serious 3D physical ailments.

This article is not meant to replace professional medical advice.

Simply put, Kundalini Awakening is a profound energetic awakening forcing us to transform ourselves on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. It can be brought on my practicing Kundalini Yoga, deep meditation or even by accident during a traumatic event such as an accident, NDE, or severe illness.

Kundalini is Sanskrit for “she who is coiled. It refers to the most basic life force energy at the bottom of your chakras (base of spine) and is often depicted as a snake.

During the awakening, this energy is triggered along the chakra system eventually opening all your chakras. As I stated above, some people activate their Kundalini Awakening consciously through yoga and deep meditation, and for some it is activated spontaneously or accidentally.

However, the Kundalini Awakening should not be the goal itself, but more to assist in the achievement of your Spiritual Awakening.

Split Souls have identical chakra systems which not only causes an awakening in the partner, but this is often the first sign that you are getting ready to meet your Split Soul. (Of note, if you are wanting confirmation on whether you are dealing with a Split Soul, have a professional psychic who is trained in reading auras and chakra systems scan you. The chakra system and auras of Split Souls are virtually identical. You can usually find good, qualified psychics at New Age stores or Psychic Fairs).

Keep in mind, this awakening might not happen simultaneously with your Split Soul, but to be in union with your Split Soul, you both must go through a Kundalini Awakening. This can sometimes feel like the so-called “running/chasing” phase that Twin Flame proponents like to espouse, but running/chasing really does not exist in the way they are presenting it. Again, more about that in another article. Short explanation, running/chasing is really a manifestation of both of you resolving and releasing karma to allow union.

That said, you may still have a relationship with your Split Soul without going through a Kundalini Awakening, but you will not be in union working towards Ascension until you both go through a Kundalini Awakening. This is a vital step in the process. And please note, this might not happen in the timeline you are currently inhabiting. (I will explain timelines in another article).

Also, of note, Kundalini Awakening often coincides with a “Dark Night of the Soul” in addition. Here is a link to an article I wrote on The Dark Night of the Soul. What is the “Dark Night of the Soul”? | Humans (vocal.media) which explains things a little more clearly about the Dark Night of the Soul. The Dark Night is an important and vital part of Ascension and Reunification.

Getting back to Kundalini Awakening; as I stated above, it is a form of energetic awakening that causes you to transform on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. When Kundalini awakens, a person may go through many different experiences from a deepening of empathy to the point of it being telepathic to greater sensitivity, higher energy, psychic abilities, mediumship skills (which can be disconcerting when deceased people start showing up), healing, and telekinesis. There is a great feeling of “oneness” with the Universe. It is discovering the “God Force” that lives in all of us. You will experience of sense of “love” that you have never experienced before as you progress through the chakras.

Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

As I stated earlier, Kundalini Awakening can happen through intense meditation. It can also be brought about by Kundalini yoga. And it can also occur in a completely accidental manner. Mine happened spontaneously just before my Split Soul passed away. He was much more in tune with his spiritual side and had experienced his Awakening (Kundalini, Spiritual as well as several sojourns into the Dark Night) earlier in his life through yoga. Mine was spontaneous because of the trauma his terminal illness and imminent passing caused my soul.

Some common symptoms of Kundalini Rising are:

Physical Symptoms

· Muscle cramps and spasms (for me this manifested in my shoulders).

· Itching and vibration throughout the body.

· Intense feelings of cold or heat.

· Involuntary body movement especially during meditation.

· Sleep and eating changes (I became a vegetarian; and I rarely sleep more than four hours at a time).

· Increase or decrease in sexual desire.

· Extreme hyperactivity followed by extreme fatigue.

· Headaches that feel like pressure in the top of the skull (Crown Chakra).

· Heart palpitations and chest pain.

· Digestive issues (for me, it has been “gas”).

· Numbness and pain in extremities, especially the left side.

· Hearing noises, especially in the left ear such as a roar, creak or ringing in the ears.

Emotional and Mental Symptoms:

· Mental confusion, difficulty concentrating.

· Sharpened consciousness. Everything feels more intense.

· Spontaneous trance states.

· Ecstasy, happiness and intermittent feeling of infinite joy, love, peace, and compassion.

· Psychic experiences such as extra sensory perception, mediumship with a heightening of all “clairs.”

· Out of body experiences and astral travel.

· Spontaneous memories of past lives.

· Very strong awareness of auras and chakras of others around you, as well as your own.

· Powerful contact with spirit guides through dreams and visions.

· Increased self-expression and spiritual communication through music, art, and poetry.

· Increased understanding and sensitivity of one’s own personal essence. You suddenly know “who” you are.

· Deeper understanding of spiritual truths.

· Intense awareness of your environment.

So how best to traverse this experience? Concentrate on becoming aware of your body, both mentally, physically, and psychically and prepare yourself for this phenomenon. Don’t push it, but don’t push it away either. Focus on recognizing it when it is happening.

None of these experiences are to be feared. And like I said, you can accelerate the Awakening through Kundalini Yoga, but if the soul has not acquired a significant level of maturity, the Kundalini will not awaken.

The ego must be released, you must surrender to the process, and have faith in the God Force.



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